Pavement Management Plan

The City of Papillion is responsible for the repair and maintenance of approximately 340 lane miles of roadway.  The goal of the Pavement Management Plan is to preserve and maintain the City’s pavement in the best condition possible given the funding available.  A combination of City crews and private contractors are used to meet the City’s road maintenance needs.  Each year, preventive maintenance treatments are performed on various City streets.  These treatment projects are intended to extend the life of the pavement and avoid more costly repair or replacement of streets.  Road reconstruction and full-depth repairs are only considered when preventive maintenance treatments are no longer cost-effective or feasible.  A significant amount of time and funding are required in order to resurface the road and or replace the entire roadway structural section.

Current Program - 2023

The 2023 UBAS resurfacing project includes the area, pictured, generally between 84th Street and 72nd Street, north of Cedardale Road and south of Halleck Street.

The project will begin May 1 and, weather dependent, will be completed by the end of May. The project will work through the neighborhood from west to east, first milling streets, then resurfacing them with ultra-thin bonded asphalt.

Crews will place door hangers and no-parking signs in advance of work. Please move cars off the street accordingly, which will assist crews in completing their work efficiently. Work will move through each street relatively quickly, and the new UBAS surface can be driven on soon after it is applied. As work is underway, access to each individual driveway is expected to be limited for only a matter of minutes.

2023 UBAS Overlay Area Map

Background - Pavement Condition Index Report

In 2018, the City conducted a pavement assessment using a leading-edge data collection system to examine and catalog the condition of every road in Papillion. From that information, Public Works has developed a 10-year maintenance plan incorporating curb and base repairs, joint sealing, milling, and surfacing with a new ultra-thin bonded asphalt (UBAS) to increase the lifespan of the roads.  This plan is subject to change based upon funding availability and conditions at the time along with the addition of more lane miles through annexation. 

Pavement Condition Index Report - Revised July 2020

Pavement Condition Index Report - February 2019

Pavement Management Plan Index Map 


UBAS - Ultra-Thin Bonded Asphalt Surface

UBAS is a high performance thin overlay that uses an award-winning technology to seal the existing road surface and provides a new, skid-resistant, smooth, and thin 5/8" HMA (hot mix asphalt) wearing course.
  • Polymer asphalt membrane seals and protects the surface and provides superior bonding of the ultra thin mix to the pavement.
  • The open graded HMA provides a durable, skid resistant surface that provides smoothness by correcting minor deficiencies while increasing the coefficient of friction.
  • Seals and waterproofs existing surface
  • Quick one-pass construction reduces user delays.
  • Immediate traffic return (5 - 10 minutes)
  • Retains curb and driveway reveal
  • No loose "chips" once completed
  • Residents have very few driveway disruptions during construction.
  • Prevents traditional asphalt oil track out during construction.
UBAS Does Not:
  • Correct existing drainage issues
  • Provide pavement strengthening
  • Look like traditional smooth asphalt