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Building Department

  1. Request an Inspection

    Please provide the following information when requesting an inspection.

City Forms

  1. Mayor's Hotline Survey

    Please provide your feedback about your experience using our Mayor's Hotline system.

  2. Papillion Community Foundation - Resource Connection Form

    The Papillion Community Foundation is working to connect resources in our community to residents in need and to those able to volunteer... More…

  1. Neighborhood Grant Program Application

    The City of Papillion awards up to four $2,500 matching grants (1 per ward) each year to assist in projects that benefit a neighborhood... More…

Fire Department

  1. EMS Billing Inquiries

    This form is used to communicate with Fire Department Personnel to request information regarding your EMS Billing for emergency... More…

Library Forms

  1. File Submission for the 3D Printer in the Digital Library at Papillion Landing

    Fill out this form to submit your .STL file for 3D Printing. We print with PLA filament. Print jobs must take under 5 hours as... More…

  2. Papillion Public Library Teen Volunteer Application

    Papillion Public Library Teen Volunteer Application

  1. Papillion Public Library Adult Volunteer Application

    Papillion Public Library Adult Volunteer Application

Public Works

  1. Cross-Connection Questionnaire

    Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Title 179 requires the completion of a Cross-Connection Survey for all water... More…

  2. Roadside Memorial Sign Application

    For a lasting tribute at the site of a fatal accident, the City of Papillion has established a Roadside Memorial Sign program. The... More…

  1. Meter Reading

    This form is used to communicate with city personnel to provide your meter reading for Utility Billing purposes.

  2. Termination of Water/Sewer Billing Account

    This form is used to communicate with city personnel to request a final reading on a water meter and provide forwarding address... More…

Recreation Dept Forms

  1. Chrysalis Event Rental Inquiry

    Papillion Landing Recreation Center has several spaces that can be rented for the community’s use. If you are interested in renting... More…

  2. Name the Community Center & Fieldhouse

    The City of Papillion is searching for a unique name for its new community center and fieldhouse. The City invites Papillion area... More…

  1. Facility Rental & Athletic Field Request for Permit Form

    Request for the use of a City of Papillion Facility Rental or Athletic Field. Reservations are not finalized until the Rental Agreement... More…