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Neighborhood Grant Program Application

  1. The City of Papillion awards up to four $2,500 matching grants (1 per ward) each year to assist in projects that benefit a neighborhood community. Apply for the grant using this form.
  2. Instructions
    1. Read the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program requirements thoroughly.

    2. Choose a project(s) through group discussion with either the entire neighborhood or a subcommittee with oversight from the entire neighborhood. Involve as many neighbors as possible in the selection and planning of the project(s).

    3. Designate a Project Coordinator who will be the contact person.

    4. Complete the Grant Application below. Please include the following:
    - A complete explanation of the project including a description of the actual work you want to do, the location of the project, timeline for completion, and demonstration of the neighborhood match.

    5. While there is no actual deadline for filing applications, applications will be considered for funding in the calendar year that they are received.

    6. Include with your application the following items for physical improvement projects:
    - A detailed drawing of the project;
    - A detailed site map locating the project site and where the project will be installed at the site;
    - Detailed directions to the location of the project site.

    7. Upon approval of your project by City Council, applicants will receive notification with instructions on how to proceed.

    8. If you would like to schedule a pre-application meeting or have any questions, call Tony Gowan, Parks Director and Neighborhood Program Coordinator, 402.597.2049.
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