Mayor's Hotline

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The Mayor's Hotline is the City of Papillion's streamlined communication channel to the Mayor's Office and City Departments. The Mayor's Hotline allows Papillion residents to request information and services or submit comments for review.

Use the Mayor's Hotline by making an online submission to one of the categories below or call 402-827-1111.


Contact information is required. The Mayor’s Hotline requires citizens who make submissions to provide their name and contact information. This information is essential and allows City staff to efficiently and effectively resolve issues. The City will withhold such information in response to any public records requests and will protect this information to the extent allowed by local, state, and/or federal law. The City reserves the right to disregard and dismiss any Hotline submissions which are made anonymously or with incomplete/incorrect contact information.

Abusive use is prohibited. The Mayor’s Hotline is not designed for nor intended to be used by any citizen in an abusive manner to leverage his or her own personal agenda(s) or to seek retribution against other residents or the City. The City at all times reserves the right to disregard and dismiss any complaint submitted to the Hotline that, in the City’s sole discretion, (a) is incomplete, (b) is beyond the original intention of the Hotline to enhance communication with citizens, or (c) unreasonably requests an excessive use of public resources by the City which does not serve good public policy.

Note: Requests entered after hours will be received by City staff by 8:30 a.m. the next business day.

City Government 5 Forms
Code Enforcement 9 Forms
Fire 2 Forms
Golf Courses 2 Forms
Library 1 Forms
Parks 2 Forms
Planning 3 Forms
Police 5 Forms
Public Works 10 Forms
Recreation 5 Forms
Utility Billing 1 Forms